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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 15, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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and that is it for us. big reminder for "new day" monday prince william speaking for the first time since becoming dad. he is speaking to cnn's max
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foster on "new day" coming up on monday. for now let's toss it to the fabulous carol costello. >> hey, i have tim mcgraw in the newsroom, i think he beats out that prince. have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. happening now in "newsroom" no warning. >> there was no distress call from the pilots. >> investigators back on the scene this morning for the flight recorder. also, an 8-month-old abducted, a mother furious. >> i hope they -- >> a 25 mile-long chase with speeds over 100 miles per hour with a baby in the back seat. this dash cam capturing the violent end.
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are high-speed chases like this irresponsible? plus, blurred lines. coming to the san diego mayor scandal. ♪ >> a local tv crew slamming bob filner with their own version of the song. ♪ we're on day 25 of filner watch. and honoring america's heroes. first responders front and center. >> there is no second chance in if you're late, it will matter. >> country music superstar tim mcgraw and a new program to empower our firefighters and emts. >> share these stories with you. >> mcgraw joins me live, straight ahead. you're live in the cnn "newsroom."
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good morning to you. thank you so much for being with me. i'm carol costello. no flight data recorders, no communications and no answers. the big question remains this morning, why did a u.p.s. cargo jet crash just before landing in alabama? right now more than 24 hours after the crash, the cockpit and voice recorders have yet to be recovered. both remain inside the still smoldering wreckage. now, the answers may be in those recorde recorders, since there was no communication from the pilots to air traffic control just before the crash and the only clues available are from witnesses. >> when i got up, it just, i just heard like a boom, boom. and i didn't know what it was. i was just staring out the window and i looked up and saw a bunch of smoke everywhere. >> david mattingly is live in birmingham with more. good morning, david.
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>> good morning, carol. so many stories like that that we're hearing in this residential area just outside of the crash area. i'm standing right on the edge of that neighborhood where that flight went right over the rooftops here. we're going to push in now so you can get a closer look at what's going on at the scene behind me. that's the crash site as everyone came out of their homes last night and that's what they saw. that place where the impact happened and the plane broke apart. the pieces still out there for investigators to go through today. and i tell you what, the people in this area are used to hearing jet noise, but what they heard yesterday morning is something they will never forget. no answers yet, only questions. >> the initial information that we have, subject to verification, is that there was no distress call from the pilots. >> reporter: federal crash investigators will count on witnesses to re-create the last seconds of the ill-fated u.p.s. cargo flight crashing just short
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of birmingham's airport. one story emerging from people who heard it, possible mechanical problems. >> it was extremely low and then it sound like it was sputtering, like it was out of fuel. >> reporter: the plane broke into pieces on impact with the forward cabin separated from the rest of the wreckage. but the recovery of the all-important voice and data recorders hampered by smoldering fires. visual evidence on the ground leaves some clear clues the plane went overhead right here taking out the tops of trees and knocking down power lines. barely missing the houses. local officials say weather didn't seem to be a factor, but investigators promise nothing will be overlooked. >> systems, operations, air traffic control, weather. we will be looking at everything that may be relevant to the causation of this accident. >> reporter: and that includes the actions of the pilots. both killed in a crash that came
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so close to killing others. and what we're waiting for this morning is coniffirmation from e ntsb if they found that flight data recorder and the voice cockpit recorder the two important devices that are recording all that information that will help them decide exactly what happened here. the ntsb not confirming if they have been able to recover that this morning. a spokesman for the birmingham mayor office saying the fire department was success in distinguishing the flames in the tail section that were preventing investigators from retrieving those devices. >> we're trying to get the ntsb to talk to investigators. thank you so much. terrifying video to show you this morning a high-speed chase with a kidnapped baby in the back seat. that's the car swerving on the interstate. the driver got up to 100 miles
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per hour before slamming into a squad car and then spinning out of control. authority say the driver was a friend of 8-month-old caden stouffer's mother. samantha barrett is now facing a slew of charges. amazingly, the baby, whose name is caden, was not hurt in the wreck. he is now safe at home with his mother. >> reporter: this is how the chase ended in dramatic fashion. a woman identified by police as samantha barrett jumps out of the car and takes off. sheriff deputies chase her down and then a county deputy goes straight for the back seat to pull the 8-month-old boy to safety. >> i hope they -- >> reporter: an infuriated mother has some choice words for barrett who police say took her son on a wild police chase with speeds over 80 miles per hour.
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christine howard said barrett, who she considered a friend, stole her car with caden inside. around 12:30 wednesday afternoon after an amber alert was issued, henry county police responded to a 911 call that she was spotted on interstate 75 south. what happened next was an intense car chase during which police say barrett attempted to ram police. all while the baby was in the back seat. caused her to blow a tire allowing police to stop the car and make an arrest. barrett faces grand theft au auto -- >> i'm doing well, my baby's well. >> and we're glad about that. wgcl thanks for that report. they're looking into whether barrett acted alone or if others were involved in the baby's abduction. gripping new details about hannah anderson's kidnapping. we now know how the teenager's
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mother and brother were killed. james dimaggio tortured and killed his long-time friend christina and her son, ethan. a crow bar was found near christina's body. as for where hannah was at the time, that remains unclear. but we do know someone picked hannah up after cheerleading practice. cnn's casey wian is in san diego with more this morning. good morning, casey. >> good morning, carol. actually coming to you from los angeles this morning. if this story couldn't get any more disturbing, it has. as you mentioned, those search warrants, newly released. disclosed that not only were hannah anderson's mother and younger brother killed, before they died, the search warrants say they were tortured. grisly new details are surfacing in the alleged kidnapping and murder case of suspect james dimaggio. according to these newly released search warrants, dimaggio tortured and killed his best friend's wife and 8-year-old son and shot and killed the family dog.
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police also say they found a crow bar and what appeared to be blood on the ground next to christina anderson's body. 40-year-old dimaggio allegedly then set his house on fire and kidnapped the couple's 16-year-old daughter, hannah. the documents say he spoke with 13 times on the phone earlier that day. the fbi rescued anderson on saturday and killed dimaggio during the confrontation. an idaho coroner said he was shot at least five times. >> as for my daughter, the healing process will be slow. she has been through a tremendous, horrific ordeal. >> reporter: now home, anderson has quickly taken to social media to help cope with her pain. most recently posting these pictures to her instagram profile. she writes, god gives his toughest tasks to the strongest soldiers. she also posted this picture of her mother and brother, writing "my two beautiful angels." the piece of paper in the
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clouds, i'm meet you again. >> this is a 16-year-old who is totally traumatized. she's not thinking. sometimes in a numb state, you are doing things that you don't really, really consider the consequences. >> reporter: but others say social media is, in fact, a good outlet for anderson. >> there is a ton of research that says when someone has been through a traumatic experience it is helpful to talk and share their story. >> reporter: anderson has shared her story on answering anonymous users questions. a user asked, why didn't you run? he would have killed me. are you glad he's dead? absolutely. now, that account has since been disabled but the instagram account is still active and new postings as recently as last night. >> casey wian, thank you. an eerie calm grips cairo
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one day after 525 people were killed in violence across egypt. mohamed morsi blaming one another for the bloodshed. security forces launched a full-on assault. but those troops say they responded only after the protesters attacked them. cnn's ian lee is on the ground in cairo this morning. tell us more, ian. >> well, carol, right now a couple things we're watching. first of all, we have a government building in the government of giza which state tv is reporting being attacked by muslim brotherhood. supporters of the muslim brotherhood. they show pictures of that on fire. we can't independently verify that. but that's what they're reporting. we are also watching this death toll from yesterday's clashes which seems to be rising dramatically. earlier this morning it was just over 200. now it's well over 500. and we're expecting it to continue to rise as they count the bodies.
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a very horrific scene from yesterday where we saw the security forces clashing with the morsi supporters. and really turn that whole camp into an inferno. pictures of the camp set on fire. whole city block, really. the streets look like on fire and we're watching that. and also watching for the muslim brotherhood response. they vowed to go to the streets today. they said that they will not be quiet and the security forces have said that they're not going to allow that to happen. so, really, we're watching that. a recipe for another day of violence. >> all right, ian lee reporting live from cairo this morning. convicted private army bradley manning is sorry for leaking thousands of classified documents. this as the army releases a picture of him dressed up as a woman. part of an e-mail he sent to an army psychologist. in the photo, manning wears a long blonde wig and makeup. in court yesterday the photo
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became public. manning says when he leaked the documents to wikileak he was struggling with gender identity issues. our pentagon correspondent chris lawrence was inside that military courtroom. he's here to tell us more. good morning, chris. >> good morning, carol. yeah, the defense basically wants to prove two things by releasing that photo. number one, they want to paint manning as a very confused young man who was struggling with some deep psychological issues, including whether he wanted to live his life as a woman while deployed in iraq as a united states soldier. they also want to show it for another reason. because he sent that picture as part of an e-mail to one of his master sergeants in his unit. and that sergeant never really forwarded up the chain of command. so, the defense is trying to say, look, there were red flags all along the way that the army never acted on. this was a troubled individual who should have been removed from that classified material well before he was.
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carol? >> it's just amazing that with all of the information the army apparently had on bradley manning, he had access to these sensitive documents. >> you're right. because that e-mail, you know, talking about wanting to live as a woman, showing that picture of himself in that wig and that lipstick, that's just one thing. his master sergeant at one point found him curled up in the fetal position with a knife. at one point he had a really violent reaction to some criticism during a meeting. he overturned a table and later he struck a female soldier. so, the defense is trying to say, look, the army missed a lot of red flags along the way. and he was unable to sort of get treatment for this while he was deployed in iraq. >> how will all this matter in the sentencing phase because that's where we are right now. will this matter, do you think? >> it could. the judge, remember, is already
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bypassed the most serious charge of aiding the enemy. that's what this is about. this isn't about trying to prove innocence at this point. that ship has sailed. he is guilty of violating the espionage act. this is about getting a lower number from that possible 90 years in prison. showing that manning had a very troubled upbringing. showing that he had some psychological issues. trying to prove that the army, you know, missed some signals. of course, yesterday, manning himself coming forward and saying, look, i'm sorry. i'm sorry i hurt people. i'm sorry i hurt the yoounsh. i went about this all wrong. of course, all this contrition coming at the 11th hour as he faces this sentence. remember, he's only in his mid-20s. getting 20 years in prison at his age is a lot different than getting 60 years in prison, carol. >> when you put it that way, yes. chris lawrence reporting live for us this morning. thank you. still to come in "newsroom" rain and more rain for the central part of the country. we'll tell you which city took
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the brunt of it and whether there is any end in sight, next.
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we understand that just about now president obama is making some comments on the situation in egypt. the president has not commented on the bloody and violent situation that is happening in that country right now. dan lothian is live at the white house to tell us more. he's on martha's vineyard, that's where the president is because he's on vacation. dan, everybody has been waiting for the president to come out and say something about egypt and they're all wondering one thing. will the president finally say that what's happened in egypt was a coup? >> well, you know, it's unclear whether the president will go that far. the white house is saying a determination was made that it should not be called a coup in the interest of the united states. but as you pointed out, he will be hearing from the president for the first time on this issue. the white house saying that the president will make a statement to the pool cameras at 10:15. now, that will be tape, it will not be live. a few minutes after that before we get a chance to see that videotape to hear exactly what
6:21 am
the remarks are from the president. so far the face on this story for the administration has been secretary of state john kerry. yesterday, he held a briefing with reporters. that's when he condemned the violence in egypt. talked about the need for restraint for the egyptian interim government to respect the people of egypt. the white house also putting out a statement yesterday. but this is the first time that we'll get a chance to hear from the president directly on reaction to the latest developments in egypt, carol. >> dan, the violence just continues to get worse in egypt, although a curfew in place now and things appear to be pretty calm. yesterday more than 200 people died in this mass effort by police to clear the streets of protesters and more than 1,000 people were injured and the united states senpends $1.3 billion in aid to egypt's military. a lot of americans are wondering if we should continue to do that. >> that's right. and a lot of members of congress have been questioning that, as well. we heard that coming from
6:22 am
senator john mccain, as well. we press deputy press secretary josh earnest on this issue yesterday whether or not there was reconsideration of this more than $1 billion in aid to egypt. much of that for the military and he said that it was still under review. it is, perhaps, the only piece of real threat, i guess, that the u.s. has in relevance in egypt and in the negotiations with egypt. we will see, in fact, if the president will talk about that particular aid. but last word we got, it was under review. but a lot of pressure for the administration to do more. right now there's just a lot of talk going on. a lot of discussions we're told of the highest levels between u.s. officials and officials in egypt. but unclear what the next step will be to put more pressure on egypt. >> all right, dan lothian, reporting live from martha's vineyard and we'll check back with you when the president's tape of the comments is released. we believe it to be 10:15 eastern time.
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just about an hour from now. still to come in "newsroom" gay pride demonstrations now banned in russia. but what about olympians who want to wear rainbow pins at the sochi games? the olympic committee says, no. stay in the closet. we'll be back. la's known definitely for its traffic, congestion, for it's smog. but there are a lot of people that do ride the bus. and now that the busses are running on natural gas, they don't throw out as much pollution to the earth. so i feel good. i feel like i'm doing my part to help out the environment. (announcer) at scottrade, our cexactly how they want.t with scottrade's online banking, i get one view of my bank and brokerage accounts
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gay olympians who want to make a statement against russia's anti-gay laws cannot only be in trouble with the russian authorities but face punishment from the international olympic committee. that guidance from the ioc first reported comes less than six months before the start of the 2014 winter games in sochi, russia. a spokesman says the olympic charter bans any type of political demonstration during the games. so, let's talk more about that with hudson taylor, founder and executive director of athlete alley. a group dedicated to encouraging athletes and others to respect all people involved in sports. good morning. >> morning. >> so, the ioc comes out and says, hey, if you're gay and you're going to compete in the
6:27 am
olympic games in russia, don't say anything about being gay because the olympics is no place for politics. your reaction? >> well, i think because of these russian laws, all of a sudden being gay or being who you are becomes political or becomes something that could be seen as political. so, we're in a very interesting place because if you turn to other pieces within the olympic principles, you have olympic principle number six saying discrimination of any kind should not be tolerated and is incompatible with belonging to the olympic movement. so, on one hand, you have russian law, which is in direct opposition to these principles and then on the other you have the ioc using these principles to call on athletes to hide who they are. it's really unfortunate. >> i think the olympic committee just wants the olympic games to adhere to the spirit of competition and can't we all get along together, just for this
6:28 am
period of time and put our controversies aside. >> absolutely. i mean, the games are for the athletes. but when an athlete who is going and trying to compete and win a gold medal is at threat for being arrested or fined because of who they love, that's a problem. you know, not only is that a problem for sochi, but also a problem when we look at the next olympic cycle. you know, on september 7th, the ioc is determining the next host city. so, there needs to be greater accountability for what countries are hosting the olympic games. and greater protection of our athletes and fans wherever the games are held. >> so, final question for you, you suggest that athletes go over there and, you know, somehow communicate they're gay. the ioc says, don't do that. so, will you change your tune? >> so, i think our course of action and what we're planning
6:29 am
on promoting is actually the very principles that the olympic movement is based upon. so, maybe wearing a rainbow pin would be seen as political, but if we look at principle six in the olympic charter, you know, it says that the game should be free from discrimination. if an athlete speaks out in support of the founding principles of alimpism, i don't think it will be seen as political by the ioc and i don't think it will be seen as homosexual propaganda by russia law but enable people to use the games to speak out against this hypocrisy and to really make the games a vehicle for inclusion and respect and hopefully make a difference on the ground in russia. >> hudson taylor, thanks so much for being with me. >> thanks for having me. still to come in "newsroom" michael jackson's ex-wife breaks down on the stand. debbie rowe tells jurors about the first time she saw the pop
6:30 am
star take the drug that ended up killing him.
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opening bell has just rung on wall street and, guess what, the dow is already down 100 points. we're wondering why. let's head to the new york stock exchange and alison kosik. good morning. >> why? we have a weak economic news. first a report, carol, on regional manufacturing showing a big drop last month. what that is doing is raising concerns if the manufacturing sector is moving forward. how is it doing? then we got earnings from cisco. ceo john chambers saying, look, the global economy is what he calls challenging and inconsistent. cisco announcing it is cutting thousands of jobs because of this uncertainty. then you have walmart. it cut its upperings and sales outlook for the rest of the year. this really is a familiar story. the challenging economy.
6:34 am
you roll it all together and it doesn't paint a good picture. the economy is still in a p precarious position. it's adding jobs, just not adding enough jobs. news of weakness, not just here, but abroad causing investors to sell. just about four minutes into the trading day. we are watching cisco shares drop more than 6%. carol, walmart shares down 2.5%. carol? >> we'll check back with you, alison kosik reporting live from new york stock exchange. all right. a bit new information on our breaking news this morning. president obama set to make a statement on the violent and bloody situation that's going on in egypt right now. dan lothian is in martha's vineyard where the president's vacationing. any more word on exactly what the president will say? >> well, we know that the president will be speaking about the violence in egypt. what's unclear at this point is whether or not he'll be announcing a policy shift.
6:35 am
a couple of things egypt each year has been under review. will the president say the review based on the violence on the ground plan to halt that assistance to egypt? we don't know. we await the president's remarks that will come in 45 minutes or so. it is being taped at the president's residence, which is about shift in policy and that's what we'll be -- >> all right, dan lothian.
6:36 am
again, we expect, we will be able to hear the president's statement around 10:15 eastern time. still ahead in "newsroom" a tearful debbie rowe tells the courtroom how doctors took advantage of michael jackson. we'll be back. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members,
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michael jackson's ex-wife returns to the stand, again, today. following a dramatic day of testimony on wednesday. debbie rowe wept openly in the courtroom saying about the doctors that took advantage of her former husband. ted rowlands is following it all from los angeles. tell us more, ted. >> good morning, carol. debbie rowe got to know michael jackson before he had any problems with drug abuse or drug addiction and then she had a front-row seat to watch him
6:40 am
spiral out of control. it was a media frenzy outside this los angeles courthouse after michael jackson's ex-wife, debbie rowe, testified in the wrongful death trial against concert promoter aeg. rowe fought back tears giving jurors accounts of his fear of pain and reliance on doctors. how doctors competed with each other treating him for pain after his hair caught on fire during the making of this 1984 pepsi commercial. rowe testified "these idiots were going back and forth prescribing jackson with pain medications. the doctors took advantage of hi him," she said. they also introduced him to propofol, the drug that would eventually kill him. rowe who worked for one of the doctors said they used propofol during cosmetic procedures, but she said things changed during this 1997 history tour stop in munich, germany, where she said she watched as jackson was given propofol in a hotel room.
6:41 am
she said it, "looked like a surgical suite as two an theseiologists put him to sleep." >> they want to say he was responsible for his own demise and if they are held libel, they want to keep the damages low. >> reporter: rowe is the mother of jackson's two oldest children. she gave up custody and says now they reconnected and have an ongoing relationship. the jackson children along with jackson's mother, katherine, are suing aeg live for more than $1 billion saying it contributed to michael jackson's death. carol, debbie rowe was called by aeg when court finished up last night, or yesterday afternoon. jackson's lawyers just started their cross-examination and she will be back on the stand when court resumes in the next few hours. >> we'll check back with you.
6:42 am
ted rowlands reporting live. tim mcgraw goes from the stage to your computer screen. we'll talk to mcgraw about his new project that shows off the bravery of our first responders. ( bell rings ) they remind me so much of my grandkids. wish i saw mine more often, but they live so far away. i've been thinking about moving in with my daughter and her family. it's been pretty tough since jack passed away.
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expected to weigh in on the latest bloodshed in egypt. the president is on vacation in martha's vineyard but make a statement about the increasing violence in cairo. supporters of mohamed morsi displaying the bodies bodies that they say died in clashes. 525 people were killed yesterday, almost 4,000 hurt in the political violence. the interim government and morsi supporters blame each uther for the bloodshed. investigators in alabama this morning expected to recover the flight data recorder from the flight that crashed yesterday. according to the mayor of birmingham the fire in the tail section of the plane have been put out so the boxes can now be recovered. ntsb said the pilot or the co-pilot issued a distress call before the plane went down. of course, both of them died. in kansas, heavy rain this week has turned parts of wichita into a swamp. some places saw up to an inch and a half of rain in half an hour. made commuting a soggy mess.
6:46 am
forecasters say more storms with damaging wind and hail are possible today. tim mcgraw is one of the biggest names in country music, on television and hollywood. listen. ♪ >> well, now tim mcgraw going in front of the camera. he's teaming up with duracell to highlight the stories of first responders all across america. including some new york firefighters on duty during superstorm sandy. >> our truck broke down right before the brunt of the storm really kicked in. >> i was scared. guys were scared. some guys have families. >> i can honestly say the first time in 32 years that during an
6:47 am
operation i really thought that we had a good chance of losing somebody. >> tim mcgraw joins us now along with scott lewis. scott's fire department was involved with the rescue of an infant girl. scott gave her cpr while climbing down a ladder and he saved the baby's life. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> tim, i want to start with you. why did you decide to get on board with this project? >> well, when i was told about the project and duracell quantum hero series and found out that they were giving away a million batteries to first responders. a perfect opportunity to show case what these guys do and how they put their lives on the line for us every day. they're the best that we have. >> you got to meet a lot of first responders. what was your impression?
6:48 am
>> they are dedicated. they believe in what they do. they have no hesitation about putting their life on the line. they really care about their communities. they care about everybody that they work with. they care about their associates, their partners and people that put their lives on the line with them. they're just a bunch of great people. i don't know, you know, where we would be without those guys who do that. and especially the volunteers that do it on a volunteer basis that, you know, they dedicate their time to do that. it's just something that, it's just something that takes a rare kind of person to do. >> because you don't get rich doing it, right? scott, tim is talking about people just like you and we saw the dramatic pictures of you rescuing that baby. tell us about that day. >> it was a matter of being at the right place at the right time. bob swik and i got there and we knew by then exactly which room the baby was in.
6:49 am
baby chelsea. bob went in and i happened to be at the bottom of the ladder when he came back out with her and we just kind of did the handoff at the top of the ladder and we know that time and oxygen is what that baby needed. so didn't wait for the bottom of the ladder and did the mouth-to-mouth . >> that's right, she is a young lady now. i've always wondered because youred ed adrenalin is going, s do you remain calm enough to climb down a ladder while giving cpr to a small child? >> somebody asked me afterwards if i was worried about dropping the baby and there was no way that was going to happen. so i think time and experience and training always comes into play when you're in a situation like that. >> just amazing. so, tim, where can people see these videos and what can they do if they want to donate or help?
6:50 am
>> well, you can go duracel's website and you can find the stories. that's just an example of some of the stories we're presenting. they will make you cry, they will make you smile, they will make you proud. just i'm proud to be a pat of a company that is doing something like this and highlighting our first responders. and giving away these batteries to really help. and it's just stories that really touch your heart. anytime i can be involved in something like that, showcase people who really put their lives on the line like this, it's a great opportunity for me. >> so before i let you go, we have to know, is there anything on the horizon, anything else we should be watching out for that involves the great tim mcgraw? >> well, i'm pretty busy right now doing a lot of things. the busiest thing at my house right now is school is starting back and i have three daughters. so that's probably the busiest thing going on.
6:51 am
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6:54 am
the nfl is planning on giving performance enhancing drugs to former players in on the to help the nfl better test their current players. sounds like the players will become guinea pigs. >> that's pretty much how it will be. you know, kooraccording to "usa today," they will have 100 former players take part in the study. the league woulded ed eadminist to two thirds and the other third a placebo. results will be used to determine what a positive test for hgh should be. the reason the nfl is going this route is because hgh does occur naturally in the body and in the past they had disagreed on what should be considered a normal level for a player. the nfl hopes to begin testing for hgh this season.
6:55 am
patriots nation went into complete freak outmode yesterday when tom brady went down holding his knee during the scrim allegalleg scrimmage. but an mri came back negative.c scrimmage. but an mri came back negative.r scrimmage. but an mri came back negative.i scrimmage. but an mri came back negative.m scrimmage. but an mri came back negative. . but an mri came back negative. usa men's national team pushed their winning streak to 12 yesterday with a thrilling come back win over bosnia. the u.s. was down at the half, but they scored four straight goals, three coming off the leg of josie. the 4-3 victory was the first ever comeback win for the u.s. in europe. an injured bat finds its way on to the infield. who better to handle this situation than a bat boy. that's right. he comes, scoops up the bat. even scares some of the players in the dugout. >> they carry disease.
6:56 am
>> they do. by all accounts, the bat boy is perfectly fine. who knows what was actually wrong with that bat. maybe it just wanted a nap. >> i wish we could have shown the whole thing because somebody picks the bat up with their glove and tries to hand it off to someone, but the bat escapes. >> great video. >> it is. and i admire that bat boy. good for him. >> brave bat boy. >> thank you, andy. the next hour of cnn after a break. you know throughout history,
6:57 am
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thanks so much to joining me. i'd like to welcome our viewers there around the world, the united states now at a cross roads in its policy with a key
7:00 am
mideast ally. worry waiting to hear president obama's very first statement on egypt since yesterday's mass carnage. at least 525 people were killed in nationwide clashes between security forces and supporters of the deposed president morsi. it was egypt's worst day of violence since its 201 1 revolution. he has yet to call morsi's removal a coup. it would force the united states to cut the military aid it sends to egypt and that would change in the u.s. relationship with its strongest arab ally in the region. while we wait for president obama's statement, let's bring in wolf blitzer in washington. >> this is really a dramatic moment right now. in egypt's history, a dramatic moment. egypt the largest of all of the arab country.
7:01 am
it has a peace treaty with israel, borders israel. closest u.s. ally in the arab world. we'll be anxious to hear what the president of the united states is about to say on these dramatic cop frnfrontations ovee past 24 hours on the streets of cairo and other cities in egypt. the president may be on vacation in martha's vineyard, but this is a crisis unfolding for the united states right now. but first and foremost, a major crisis in egypt. the largest of all of the arab countries with some 90 million people ian lee has been covering all these events going all the way back to tahrir square. what is the latest right now as we a wait the president of the united states? >> reporter: we saw images showing a government building in giza that reportedly the muslim brotherhood supporters have
7:02 am
attacked that building and torching it. we can't independently verify that right now, but that is one of the latest clashes we have. we also saw the funerals today for some of the protesters that were killed yesterday as well as security forces. over 500 protesters were killed and over 40 police officers. and just to give you an idea, earlier this morning the number of deaths were put over 200. a number has doubled. we're expecting the number to increase as the day progresses and they continue to count the bodies. >> ian, we're anxious to hear the president speak. and we'll be anxious to hear if he'll take any specific steps to deal with this yesterday. the secretary of state john kerry condemned all the violence on the streets of cairo and elsewhere, but some of the questions that are being asked, should the u.s. suspend at least for now that $1.3 billion a year
7:03 am
in military assistance to egypt, should the u.s. for example in the coming weeks suspend that planned annual military exercise operation right star if the u.s. and we don't know if the u.s. will do it, if the president will make such an announce the, but if the u.s. were to do either, and you've been in cairo for years now, what would be the reaction if that $1.3 billion a year in military aid were suspended and/or that military operation bright star were suspended? >> reporter: you'd have two reactions. if you talk to the average egyptian, they would probably say good riddance, that they don't want the aid, they feel it holds them to things that they don't necessarily agree with. but if you talk to the government, they do need a strong relationship with the
7:04 am
united states to continue. egicht gets not only aid, but they have economic benefits which also includes israeli and they can't really afford to receiver those ties. so you really would have two reactions to that. also you have the gulf and the gulf has said that if the united states were to cut the military aid, that they would be willing to step into fill that gap with the money. so there really is a lot of different emotions you would have here from the streets prks people wouldn't be too upset with that, but to the government who kind understands kind of the ramifications of upsetting the united states. >> it would be a dramatic moment and we don't know if the president will did tho that, bu we'll find out. dan lothian is at martha's vineyard. we know he's been meeting with the advisers. this is a real crisis for egypt. dan, do we have any advance word why the president decided to go out and speak publicly on this crisis and what he'll say?
7:05 am
>> reporter: wolf, first of all, as you know the pressure has been increasing on the president to come out and say something because the violence has been escalating in egypt. yesterday the face for the administration was secretary kerry. so the white house felt it was important for the president to break his vacation, come out and speak to the nation. we do expect that the president will again reiterate what the white house put out in a statement yesterday, what secretary kerry himself said, that the u.s. condemns the violence calling for the interim government to respect the rights of the people there in egypt. i think what's up clear now is whether or not there will be any kind of policy shift, will the president come out and label what happened in egypt a coup, which of course would trigger the ceasing of that $1.3 billion that you've been talking about in aid to egypt. the other issue that's outstanding, as well, is will the u.s. cancel that joint exercise that it always has with egypt shap military. those are things that perhaps
7:06 am
the president will address. but nonetheless, there has been a lot of pressure on the u.s. to step up its pressure on egypt because a lot of conversation had been ongoing between u.s. officials and egyptian officials, yes tt the violence continues. >> i want to bring in jill dougherty. we heard from the secretary of state john kerry. i know he's been on the phone with egyptians. the secretary of defense chuck hagel has been on the phone with the top military leader in egypt. do you get any advance word on what we're about to hear from the president? >> no, but i can certainly tell you that you could hear in the tone of secretary kerry a certain exasperation about the leaders right now in egypt. basically just going away with what they wanted to do which is apparently using force to crack down on the demonstrators. and that is the last thing the
7:07 am
united states wants to do. the deputy to secretary kerry bill burns because in egypt and he left and he was discussing all sort of things with them, proposals, ideas for bringing the two sides together, stopping the violence. they left them on the table. but apparently they were not picked up by the egyptians. so there is behind the scenes concern, exasperation. and we'll have to see how far this morning the president wants to take it. if he does call it a coup, it is as we've been saying a serious step. it would cut that aid $1.3 billion, almost $1.5 billion to egypt. it's something that they need. they need it for the military and yet the way the administration has been holding back from doing that is guided by the problem that they have. which is if they call it a coup and there is no money, it
7:08 am
creates further destabilization. it's a big problem. >> a real decide lem mailemma f administration. he was certainly no great friend of the united states or israel and relations were seriously strained. on the other hand, the new interim government leaders and the new military profess a much greater support for the u.s., they want to improve relations military to military. want to improve military to military relations with israel at the same time. so it's not an easy decision the president has to make. jill, stand by. i want to go to arwa damon, she's been in the middle of the action. i know you and your team came under some serious threats yesterday covering what was going on. but what are you seeing right now?
7:09 am
>> reporter: we're at what was the sit-in in front of cairo university. you can see now for the first time in nearly six weeks traffic being able to flow through here. this entire area behind me used to have tents, families in it, especially at night it would get incredibly crowded. this is the smaller of the two sit-ins. it was cleared fairly quickly yesterday morning. but then there were clarks thclt broke out around it. people have been picking through things that are here. we've heard some government institutions, clean up crews, were here in the morning, and they will be back, too, trying to focus on restoring a sense of normalcy. but this action by the government is having pretty serious consequences. the ripple effect from it most certainly not done just yet. we were out filming at a church that was just one amongst at least 30 that had been attacked in the last 24 hours by angry mobs of islamists focusing their
7:10 am
anger for some reason on the christian community here. >> christian community, coptic community and elsewhere under serious threat, as well. stand by. the president getting ready to address the nation from martha's vineyard where he's vacationing with his family. we'll have live coverage right after this. [off screen] there you are. [speaking german] hi, grandpa! [off screen] give me a kiss! [speaking mandarin] what do you think? do you like it? [off screen] happy birthday! can you see that? [speaking polish] [off screen] did he apologize? [off screen] thanks, micah!
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7:13 am
prescribed by rheumatologists. an important breaking news. there a real crisis in egypt. i'm wolf blitzer in washington. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. the president of the united states, president obama, is about to address the nation indeed the world on this crisis in egypt. he's on vacation in martha's vineyard in massachusetts. we will first hear the president audio only. later we'll get the videotape. but you will hear the president live that's coming up within the
7:14 am
the next couple minutes. what we will be listening for is what the obama administration has decided to do to deal with the crisis in egypt. will there be a sus intentionpe the financial assistance to egypt, pays for battle tanks and other hardware. let's see if the president says anything about that. the second decision the president has to make, every year the u.s. military and the egyptian military, they have joint exercises called operation bright star. they do this every year. they poe phostponed them when t was the earlier revolution. what will the president say if anything about bright star. several hundred u.s. soldiers and others are scheduled to go to sinai within the next few weeks to participate in the lengthy weeks long exercises. they do it every year.
7:15 am
we'll see if it happens this year. and there are still about 700 soldiers there as part of a national peace keeping force. these soldiers pretty much vulnerable right now. they have been there since the 1979 israeli egyptian peace treaty. we'll see what he says about those 700 american troops, see if he says anything. dan lothian is standing by. explain once again why we will only hear the audio. we won't see him. we'll get the videotape later. i want to be trance paresparent our viewers. >> reporter: the president will be making his statement from the vacation home, his rental. we're at the work area so a few miles away from the president. our live location in the president were to have come to this lotion, we could have piped it out to you live and with
7:16 am
video. because the statement is being made to the pool and there is no transmission available from the president's vacation location, that is the reason that you will be hearing audio only. it will be taped video and driven back to us so we can later pipe that out to you. so that's house of shoort of housekeeping wise why you will not see the president initially housekeeping wise why you will not see the president initially. the president will be echoing some of the remarks we've heard first of all in a statement put out by the white house yesterday and also strong words from secretary of state kerry condemning the violence, urging for restraint. also for the respect of the rights of the people in egypt. also calling for the government of egypt to be held accountable for what they promise, which is a quick transition to a civilian democratically elected government. so these are some of the things we expect the president to talk about, but also outstanding,
7:17 am
will the president be willing to change the policy and refer to what happened in egypt as a you coup. so far the administration has said no, that they have evaluated it and decided that it's not in the the best interests of the best interests to call it a coup. so we'll be waiting to find out exactly what language he uses. >> and the president did do an extraordinary decision the other day sending john mccain and lindsey graham, two republican senators, to cairo to speak to the military. clearly it didn't achieve the goal they wanted. once again, we're awaiting the president and we'll hear what he has to say. jill dougherty is getting more information for us, as well. what else are you picking up, jill? >> reporter: well, one of the dilemmas here is if you really go all the way, if the president goes all the way and says it's a
7:18 am
coup, it's bringing them into the diplomatic mess that they have been trying to stay out of. so the pressure is to hold back and not define it. so there may be a way that the president expresses his anger doesn't go that far. because no matter which side you take, if you say it's a you coup, it angers the's not a cou angers the morsi supporters. and with 225 people dead and thousands injured, you simply have to do something. so what are the pressure points? pressure points remain as you pointed out the military training exercises and then also all the way to that $1.3 billion. and still they know in the white house very well that if you pull the plug on money, it creates
7:19 am
very serious problems in the economy. and do not forget of course that egypt is very, very important with israel. it is one of the arab states that has a peace agreement with israel. even in the beginning when people thought a muslim brotherhood president would not, he did stick with it. and so keeping the peace between egypt and israel is very important. fighting terrorism is very important. there are a lot of strings that effect the entire region. >> and the u.s. under enormous pressure from other friendly countries to back the military, the new interim government shall we say, in egypt right now. and the obama administration clearly very sensitive to that. as we a wait the president and
7:20 am
we expect him to be speaking momentarily, let's go to chris lawrence. he's over at the pentagon. chris, a lot of focus on bright star, this annual joint exercise, u.s. and egyptian forces, they meet and continue for several weeks. and there is a lot of suspicion right now, a lot of concern aim sure in egypt that the u.s. -- the president may announce as early as the next few minutes the u.s. is either postponing, suspends, derailing, whatever, bright star. what are you hearing? >> that's right. we've been hearing that there has been intense discussion and consideration of postponing that exercise. and when you say postpone, that's the word they will use, they mean cancel because there is no chance that it would get rescheduled until at least 2015. it was canceled in 2011 because of the unrest in egypt and it's really a way for the u.s. military to demonstrate how it could deploy to the middle east in the event of a war. it involves thousands of troop,
7:21 am
ships, airplanes. that decision has to be made now because you couldn't get that much personnel over there in time if you were trying to cancel at the last minute. but in terms of the additional aid to egypt, the foreign assistance act is very clear that you can't give aid after a cause oig. but presidents have fudged this before. back in '99, there was a coup in honduras in june and the bom ed a obama administration didn't cut aid until september. and former president bush asked and got a waver to aid pack tap. pakistan. so presidents have fudged this idea before. so we'll have to keep a close eye on that. >> the president clearly has the authority if he deems it in the national security interests of the united states, he can waive
7:22 am
the suspension -- supposedly mandatory suspension of that aid. but it would be an extra ordinary step as you correctly point out. as a lot of u.s. officials have said to me, if the u.s. were to postpone bright star, this semiannual exercise, that would send a signal to the opponents of the interim government e, mae embolden them. one of thedy l dilemmas the oba administration is facing. if it sends the wrong signal, could that exacerbate the current violence and death. let's wait for the president. let's take a quick break. we're told he will be speaking in the next few minutes. we'll have live courage here on cnn. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for her, she's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. [ claira ] after the deliveries, i was okay. now the ciabatta is done and the pain is starting again.
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plus, you could save hundreds when you switch, up to $423. call... today. liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? >> the president of the united states on hmartha's vineyard right now. he's been in crisis meetings with his top national security advisers over the violence and the deaths and injuries on the streets of cairo, alexandria and elsewhere. he will address the nation momentarily. we will have live coverage. that's coming up. anxious to hear what the president announces about operation bright star this, u.s./egyptian military exercise involving hundreds and hundreds of troops scheduled to begin in
7:25 am
the next few week. we'll see if the president announces a suspension of bright star. we'll also see what if anything the president says about the $1.3 billion in military assistance the u.s. provides egypt every year to purchase f-16 jet fighters, battle tanks and other sophisticated hardware. ian lee is in cairo. i know both sides, those who support the ousted egyptian president morsi including a lot of muslim brotherhood leaders and suit supporters will be anx to hear what the president says. the other leader the of the interim government will be anxious to hear what the president has to say. this situation is enormously complicated and tense.hear what say. this situation is enormously complicated and tense. rurt that's sxa ru >> reporter: that's exactly right and both sides aren't giving an inch. yesterday we saw the genie let
7:26 am
out of the bottle when security forces clashed with supporters of morsi and really spread across the country. right now we have a bit of a lull, we're not really seeing the violence we saw yesterday. but people will be watching what the president has to say. and if you look on twitter and see the people, egyptians who are talking, they say they will be watching what the president has to say, a lot are skeptical that something positive will come out to what he has to say especially a lot of people are anxious to see what will happen with the u.s. relations with egypt if president obama will call it a coup, what that means for the aid that comes to egypt, also the relations with military. but we must remember that the united states has always had very close ties with the kree gipt shap medical ta egyptian military. it goes back to the days of sadat. they have been developing this close relationship and it will
7:27 am
be a big break if they do cut relations between the two mill tae takers. we've seen the back channels go through the different militaries, whether it was when the oustedwe've seen the back c through the different militaries, whether it was when the ousted new wemubarak, it wo a big deal if the relations would be cut. >> we're told the president is less than two minutes away from beginning his remarks. so we'll have of course live coverage. lots at stake right now for the united states. certainly an enormous amount at stake for egypt. jake, give us a little perspective on what's going on. >> well, one of the things that the obama administration hasn't really talked about much is the fact that the u.s. government has long standing, deep ties to the egyptian military. so the idea that the egyptian military is behind this violence in many ways is awkward for the united states which wants to be on the side of not just
7:28 am
stability in the region, but also of course on the side of democracy. there is also a question of what the muslim brotherhood is doing as part of this violence. it's not as if the muslim brotherhood is blameless as we heard from many reports on cnn yesterday about people -- some of the confrontations being between activist and people who did not want them in their neighborhood, normal ordinary egyptians. so a lot of competing tensions and obama has stritried to thre the needle. >> all right. i want to -- the president has started speaking. >> i wanted to provide an update. let me begin by stepping back for a moment. the relationship between the united states and egypt goes back decades. it's rooted in our respect of egypt as a nation, an ancient
7:29 am
center of civilization, and cornerstone for peace in the middle east. it's also rooted in our ties to the egyptian people, forged through a long standing partnership. just over two years ago, america was inspired by the egyptian's people desire for change. as millions of egyptians took to the streets to defend their dignity and demand a government that was responsive to their aspirations for political freedom and economic opportunity. and we said at the time the changes would not come quickly or easily, but we did align ourselves with a set of principles. nonviolence, a respect for universal rights, and a process for political and economic reform. in doing so, we were guided lie values. but also by interests. because we believe nations are more stable and more successful when they're guided by those
7:30 am
principles, as well. and that's why we're so concerned by recent events. we appreciate the complexity of the situation. while mohamed morsi was elected president in a democratic election, his government was not inclusive. and did not respect the views of all egyptians. we know that many egyptians, millions of egyptians, perhaps even a majority of egyptians, were calling for a change in course. and while we do not believe that force is the way to resolve political differences, after the military's intervention several weeks ago, there remained a chance for reconciliation and an opportunity to pursue a democratic path. instead, we've seen a more dangerous path taken through arbitrary arrests, a broad crackdown on mr. morsi's associations, and supporters, and now tragically violence that
7:31 am
takes many the livlives taken ls of hundreds of people and wounded many more. the united states strongly condemns the steps taken by egypt's interim government. and security forces. we deplore violence against civilians. we support universal rights essential to human dignity, you including the right to peaceful protest. we oppose the pursuit of martial law which denies those rights to citizens under the principle that security trumps individual freedom or that might makes right. and today the united states extends its condolences to the families of those who were killed and those who were wounded. given the depths of our partnership with egypt, our national security interests in this pivotal part of the world and our belief that engagement can support a transition back to a democratically elected
7:32 am
civilian government, we've sustained our comment to egypt and its people. but wil hile we want to sustainr relationship with egypt, our traditional cooperation cannot continue as usual when civilians are being killed in the streets. and rights are being rolled back. as a result, this morning we notified the egyptian government that we are canceling our biannual joint military exercise which was scheduled for next month. going forward, i've asked my national security team to assess the implications of the actions taken by the interim government. and further steps that we may take as necessary with respect to the u.s./egyptian relationship. let me say that the egyptian people deserve better than what we've seen over the last several days. and to the egyptian people, let me say the cycle of violence and escalation needs to stop. we call on the egyptian authorities to respect the universal rights of the people.
7:33 am
we call on those who are protesting to do so peacefully and condemn the attacks that we've seen by protesters, including on churches. we believe that the state of emergency should be lifted, the process of national reconciliation should begin, that all parties need to have a voice in egypt's future. and that the rights of women and religious minorities should be respected and commitments must be kept to pursue transparent reforms to the constitution and democratic elections of parliament and the president. pursuing that path will help egypt meet the democratic aspirations of its people while attracting investment, tourism and international support. violence will only feed the cycle of polarization that isolates kree gi s egyptians fr another and from the world and
7:34 am
ha hampers the path to economic growth. let me make one final point. america cannot determine the future of egypt. that's a task for the egyptian people. we don't take sides with any particular party or political figure. i know it's tempting inside of egypt to blame the united states or the west or some other outside actor for what's gone wrong. we've been blamed by supporters of morsi. we've been blameded by the other side as if we are supporters of morsi. that kind of approach will do nothing to help egyptians achieve the future that they deserve. we want egypt to succeed. we want a peaceful democratic prosperous egypt. that's our interests. but to achieve that, the egyptians will have to do the
7:35 am
work. we recognize change takes time and that a process like this is never guaranteed. there are examples in recent history of countries that are transitioned out of a military government towards a democratic government and it didn't always go in a straight line and the process was not always smooth. there will be false starts. there will be difficult days. america's democratic journey took us through some mighty struggles to perfect our union. from asian to the americas, we know that democratic transitions are measured not in months or even years, but sometimes in generations. so in the spirit of mutual interests and mutual respect, i want to be clear that america wants to be a partner in the egyptian people's pursuit of a better future and we're guided by our national interests in this long standing relationship. but our partnership must also
7:36 am
advance the principles that we believe in. and so many egyptians have sacrificed for these many years no matter what party or faction they belong to. so america will work with all those in egypt and around the world to support a few of stability that rests on a foundation of justice and peace and dignity. thank you very much. >> so there he is you can the preside, the president taking a strong stance, opposing the violence going on.can the , the president taking a strong stance, opposing the violence going on. the demonstrators supporting the former president morsi, announcing the united states is now canceling operation bright star, the biannual military exercise hundreds of hundreds of u.s. and egyptian troops had been poised to meet next month, spend several weeks on the ground, in the air and on the sea exercising. they have been doing this going
7:37 am
back many years. the president saying this is not the time to do so. also saying further steps in his words, further steps could be taken in, if there is no immediate cessation of the violence and if there is no move towards a democratic process. jake tapper has been watching what's going on. our reporters here in washington indeed and cairo. but jake, some perspective first to you, there was no word from the president about suspending $1.3 billion a year in military aid to egypt, although that is implied as part of the further steps if this crisis escalates. >> that's exactly right. and before president obama started speaking, we were talking about the efforts of the obama administration to thread the needle to urge the egyptian military to show restraints and to install a civilian government as much as possible. initially after morsi was deposed from power, whether you want to call it a coup or you choose not to, there were statements from the white house, from the administration, suggesting what the egyptian
7:38 am
military needed to do. and holding out the threat of other possibilities, of repercussions, of suspending joint military exercises, of withdrawing the $1.3 billion to $1.5 billion of aid that kree gipt receives. more than any other country in the world except for israel. now we see the first one of these steps taken after the blood shed yesterday withdrawing, suspending that joint military operation, but not yet taking the step of withdrawing aid. we should point out of course that the united states gives a the lot of money to egypt, but it is nowhere near as much money as other muslim countries give to egypt. so that $1.3 billion, $1.5 billion does not have the sway it once had, wolf. >> certainly doesn't especially when you think about the united arab emirates, kuwait, saudi arabia in the last few weeks, they have announced more than $10 billion or $15 billion in aid. they're ready to provided egypt. and they're certainly going to
7:39 am
be frustrated and deeply dws appointap poi disappointed in the president's statement today canceling this joint exercise. they will be fearful this will send exactly the wrong message to the muslim brother hood and other supporters of morsi that if they continue to remain on the streets of cairo and elsewhere, maybe they will eventually regain power. dan lothian is with the president. we suspected he would make this announcement about bright star, this joint military exercise now being canceled. it will send a message to the egyptian military leadership most of whom jake pointed it out earlier, it's true, most of whom did extensive training right here in the united states. >> reporter: that's right. and it's interesting. look at how the president began his remarks this morning. it was something that you you and jake have been talking about earlier, talking about the team and long relationship that the
7:40 am
u.s. has had with egypt. not only with the country itself, but also with the egyptian military. so that's why it's been very difficult for the obama administration to sit back and watch the violence on the ground, watch the situation escalating there because the long ties and important ties with egypt and the role that egypt plays on behalf of the united states in the region.second point that i thought was important is how the president wrapped up when he talked about how this is it a situation that the egyptian people have to fix on their own. and while a lot of people in egypt may be blaming the united states, pointing finger at the president condemning the president that this is something while the u.s. certainly has leverage with the $1.3 billion in aid that it supplies each year to egypt, it really is up to the egyptian people to fix this problem and come up with the right solution. >> dan, stand by for a moment. we'll go to cairo. much more analysis of what we just heard from the president
7:41 am
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welcome back. we're continuing to assess what's going on in the u.s./egyptian relationship. ian lee is standing by. he's in cairo. he's been watching the violence up fold. jill dougherty is watching what's going on as well. ian, what's the likely reaction that we'll get from both sides, the pro who are city oig side, the military side, interim government in egypt from what we just heard from the president? >> reporter: there's up a kell things that stood out. the first was that he did not referencea kell things that stood out. the first was that he did not referencekell things that stood out. the first was that he did not reference the ousting of morsi as a coup.
7:45 am
i think we've gone past whether that's a question. they have moved forward. he said they did not support either group, that the united states doesn't support either group, that they want an inclusive government. and that's the other thing that really stood out to me, too. he urged both sides to come together, he criticized the brotherhood for not being inclusive enough, but that will be a problem now for the interim government is to bring the muslim brotherhood to the negotiating table. after yesterday's event, we saw the bloody crackdown on those camps. it's going to be difficult to bring them now together to form an inclusive government or try to form some sort of dialogue to move towards elections that are seen as legitimate to the egyptian people. the interim government can not alienate the muslim brotherhood. it's still a powerful organization here in egypt and for egypt to move forward as a stable democracy, they will need to be inclusive and that's something president obama urged but that's something very difficult to do here.
7:46 am
>> we know the egypt egyptian military is well armed, but what about the pro morsi forces. we were told yesterday 43 egyptian police officers were killedis well armed, but what a the pro morsi forces. we were told yesterday 43 egyptian police officers were killed in the violence. so that means some pro morsi forces must have weapons of their own. >> reporter: that's exactly right. and now the pro morsi side said they didn't have any weapon, but would he have seen in videos as well as yesterday you did have over 40 police officers killed in those clashes. when you have the leaders of the muslim brotherhood say these are peaceful demonstrators, they can't account for everynoin tho. some do come ready to fight, ready to bring weapons. we see a lot of homemade weapons as part of the protests. so you do have individuals who
7:47 am
do bring weapons. >> ian, stand by. jill dougherty, you're monitoring what's going on. the president made a dramatic announcement canceling the joent exercise scheduled next month, bright star as it's called. at the same time, he did that suspend any u.s. military or economic assistance to egypt, although he did say further steps could be in place down the road. >> right. and it's an important step and in a way a no-brainer. because imagine as we say the optics. imagine what it would look like if u.s. troops were holding joint military not exercises, but training exercises with the egyptian military who are on the streets firing on civilians. it would look really bad. so it was one thing the president could do. serious step. but in a sense it was unavoidable.
7:48 am
it has repercussions for the united states because don't forget that some of that money goes to the egyptian military to buy u.s. arms. so it affects the united states, as well. and just one other quick point. having the people who are from the muslim brotherhood in the political process is crucial. it can get much more radicalized if they're cut out. >> all right, jill dougherty, with that we'll obviously stay on top of the breaking news out of cairo, what's happening in egypt, the u.s. reaction. what we just heard from the president. we'll have extensive coverage here on cnn throughout the day. much more of course in the situation room later today 5:00 p.m. eastern. but there is a lot of other news happening right now. carol costello is monitoring that. carol, there is also i assume some reaction on wall street to what's going on. >> i don't know if it's a reaction to egypt, but in reaction to something. wall street is tanking right now.
7:49 am
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the woman who knows is allison comes i comes sick. >> this is a bird's eye view into how the earnings reports of big companies. walmart and cisco. they reflect how the economy is affecting them. cisco systems, its ceo john chambers coming out today in an earnings report saying the economy is in tough shape and you're seeing investors take notice. cisco shares selloff 7% lower. dow down 216 points. investors notice this because how cisco does usually mirrors how these global economic trends. the company also announced that it's laying off 4,000 people because of the economic uncertainty. also shooking tpooking the mark walmart cutting its earnings and sales outlook for the rest of the year because of the challenging economy. so you roll it all together, it doesn't paint a good picture and you see investors running for the exits. >> so here is hoping for a
7:53 am
better day tomorrow. alison kosik. more top stories for you after a break. ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪ ♪ hooking up the country helping business run ♪ ♪ trains! they haul everything, safely and on time. ♪ tracks! they connect the factories built along the lines. and that means jobs, lots of people, making lots and lots of things. let's get your business rolling now, everybody sing. ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪ ♪ helping this big country move ahead as one ♪ ♪ norfolk southern how's that function? ♪
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checking our top stories, we're keeping a close eye on birmingham, alabama. investigators there are using hand tools, picks and shovels to dig out the flight data recorders from the wreck an of the u.p.s. plane. fires had preventsed them from searching until now. ntsb says they didn't issue a distress call before the plane went down. gripping new details emerging about hannah anderson's kidnapping. we now know more about the teen mother and brother and how they were killed. james dimaggio tortured and killed them. a crow bar was found near christi christina's body.
7:57 am
and there were 13 calls between hannah anderson and dimaggio on the day hannah was abducted. dimaggio was shot at least five times by the fbi when he and hannah were found in the idaho wilderness area. hannah was dimaggio was dead. her one word answer, absolutely. a wildfire is threatening hundreds of homes in utah. hundreds of people have been evacuated. at least 4,000 acres have burned. at times the fire has moved at the rate of 80 feet per minute. thank you so much for joining me take. i'm carol costello. legal you view with ashleigh banfield after a break.
7:58 am
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it's thursday, august 15, and welcome to the helegal view. we begin with major breaking new us of the day and that takes you into egypt. our president, president obama, interrupting his vacation this morning to address this nation on the widespread deadly violence in egypt. speaking from martha's vineyard, he cop demmndemned the violence has killed more than 500 and wounded over 3,000. have a listen. >> to the egyptian people, let me say the cycle of violence and escalation needs to stop. we call on the egyptian authorities to respect the universal rights of the people. we call on those who are protesting to do so peacefully. and condemn the attacks that we've seen by protesters, including on churches. we believe the state of emergency should be lifted. the process of national reconciliation should begin. that all parties needed to have a voice in